Terlingua Bay

In deep West Texas, upon the Southernmost reaches of the the Big Bend of the Rio Grande, resides a ghost town called Terlingua,. The town was founded, if legend serves, by a speculator named George Perry on the premise that a wealth of Mercury-bearing ore lay buried below..

And if legend serves, Perry won the land in a hand of Poker..

Fortunes grow, they decline, and eventually Mercury lost its shine. The Chisos Mining Company shut down, the Company town abandoned, and ironworks salvaged by some company from Houston, 600 miles away.

Decades passed, times changed and Terlingua was reborn as the home of TWO World Champion Chili Cook-offs (Tolbert-Fowler and CASI), and a number of music festivals.

More interestingly, within the past 15 years Terlingua has evolved into an Arts Mecca, largely due to the influence of a handful of hearty artists, restaurateurs and two men; Bill Ivey and Mark Eyeball Kneeskern.

Bordered by Big Bend National Park to the East, Big Bend Ranch State Park to the West, and the Rio Grande and Mexico to the South, Terlingua is arguably the most breathtaking wedge of dirt in Texas.

And I have the images to prove it.

Look around. Take a load off. Put your feet up.


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