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Terlingua Bay Company is BACK!

on  and by Dave Huff
“The Spiral of Life” tattoo on and by Dave Huff. Sterling Silver Anchor Chain Bracelet by Paul Wiggins.

This is a test, and only a test. DAVE! WAKE UP!!!!


One thought on “Terlingua Bay Company is BACK!

  1. Hola, Amigo! muchos anos hasta el Rio, no? You make again the Terlinguabay store! Mi esposa cree que ustedes estan muertos, maybe Nicaragua! pero no, aqui estas.En HAWAII? Tengo familia en Waimea. Paneolos. Maybe you meet.I keep watch on you old cabin on el Rio sometime. big flood not long, big party at Paso Lajitas after that. Veo Bill Ivey y la buena Seorita en la tienda cerca la casa roca de Sr Rex Ivey. Fiesta GRANDE. Maybe you come again? Se renta su casa otra vez? FIESTA!

    Con dios, Piano

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